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Cookie Usage:

Cookies are simply small text files which are saved on your device when visiting most websites.
They are designed to make your browsing experience better because they allow sites like ours to remember your preferences as you move through the pages.

They also help us to better understand your needs and allowing us to improve our online services. We may also store information about your usage which we can access when you visit in the future, but this data is anonymous and cannot be used to identify you.

Below is a summary of the type of cookies used across Upamountain-Developments websites.

Strictly necessary cookies: None

Performance Cookies: Related to measuring performance of our sites and identifying areas for future improvement. Usage examples:

• Gathering anonymous traffic data to identify how our users interact with the pages on our site.

• Prompting for user feedback on certain areas of our sites.

Functionality Cookies: Some features of our sites require user settings to be saved and applied at subsequent visits. Usage Examples:

• Remembering your chosen display language across our sites.

• Remembering your chosen display currency across our sites.

• Detecting whether a cookie notification message has been displayed to you.

Targeting cookies: Cookies from 3rd party networks are used in order to provide you with personalized adverts as you browse other websites. Usage examples:

• Collecting anonymous information about the locations and properties viewed.

• Connecting to social sites such as Facebook.

Controlling your own cookie preferences: By default, most web browsers have cookies enabled. If you wish to restrict or block any of the cookies used on our sites you can do this by disabling them in your browser settings. Alternatively, you may wish to visit which contains comprehensive information on how to restrict cookies on a wide variety of internet browsers.