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Review Policy

To submit a venue please read the Review Policy - The Small Print - and then click here.

What kinds of reviews are allowed?
We reserve the right to edit any reviews before or after posting if we deem them not to conform to this policy.
We don't want offensive, pointless or totally irrelevant reviews.
Please make sure your reviews actually say something about the venue. This doesn't mean you can't say anything bad about a venue, but if you don't like it, try to explain why. The aim is to help other users of this site.
Don't post anything that isn't true, for obvious reasons.
We're quite happy for owners and staff to post details occasionally about their own venue, but only if they include facts that will be useful to site users. We will remove reviews from persons pretending to be customers.
To try and make sure people stick to this policy, so submissions from persons persistently flouting this policy will be automatically excluded. We do try and review all submissions before they appear, but we will investigate any reports we get about reviews that don't conform to our policy.
Please do not include website or email addresses or phone numbers in comments.

I've found a review that I don't think should be allowed, what should I do?
We try and review all submissions before they're shown, so we appreciate being informed about reviews that shouldn't be on the site. If you find a review with what you consider to have inappropriate content, then please click on the "Report” link underneath the review to tell us about it and we'll be happy to check it out. If we agree that it should go, then rest assured it will!

Why does it say the review I've just added needs to be approved by a moderator?
This could be for any one of several reasons. If you've left a few reviews before that we've had to remove, we might be keeping a close eye on things you say. But don't get too paranoid - we could be doing a similar thing to a particular IP address, or to any reviews about a particular venue, so it's not necessarily anything to do with you yourself. Whatever the reason, your review will be checked and if there's nothing wrong with it then it'll show up as soon as we've approved it.